5 of the many tesla coil links I have perused and used 

Bill Beatty's Tesla Stuff  Tons of good stuff to read up on
Altair's Tesla Coil Page    Easy to follow
Gary Lau's Page  Well written
Robin's Tesla Coil Page
Richie's Tesla Coil Web Page (out of commission as of 8/2000, but VERY good if it returns)

varoius electronics suppliers and stuff 

All Electronics - New/Surplus Electro-Mechanical and Electronic Parts and Supplies
Welcome to Matsushita Electronic Components
Electronic Kits / Project Kits
MMC Caps
Allied Electronics - Sales Branch Display By Phone Number
Digi-Key Corporation Home Page
Film Caps
T & R Electric
Home page to The Scots Guide to Electronics
Allied Electronics - Search
Ask Jeeves Answer: ! Hoffman Industries,We Buy and Sell Electronic Surplus/Exce
Goldmine Home Page
CapSite 2000
Gibson Tech Ed HOME PAGE