Student of mine?
Thinking of making your own coil?
When I was getting started with my first Tesla Coil, I got zapped 3 times by the secondary.
Little did I know that I could have easily died from any one of these because I had my coil wired in an uncommon configuration.
Other high schoolers have made coils, so of course you could too, but you must be as informed and as cautious as you can.  Just for the record, my coil scares the heck out of me every time I crank it up, and I believe this is as it should be.  Do not try to make/operate a coil without someone who has electrical experience!

If you want to make a coil, please do the following:
  • be sure your family knows what you're up to
  • study many web pages in the coil ring
  • work with someone around who knows (1) CPR and (2) electronics
  • before you touch something, look twice at it (then look again)
  • put only one hand near any coil parts (so current won't cross your chest)