POLYESTER MMC as of 8/22 (soon to be replaced by polypropylene mmc)
CAPS are Matsushita 1250VDC, .22mF,
part # on bag is ecq-e12224ke
Cost for 100 pieces was only $25

It is made using 3 strings of 1250V polyester .22mF caps
There are .5W, 10M resistors along each cap, but none between strings.
I used thin copper sheeting for the end terminals.  I just clamp onto them.
The new caps are metallized polypropylene from www.illcap.com Each cap says,
ic PPB 2000V H5  0.068mF  10%
I got them as part of a "bulk buy"; 
acmnovak@email.msn.com rounded up the people, the money, and the caps.  He told me that anyone interested in getting these caps can send him a note. 
(I spent $38 incl ship for 24)
bleeders on back;(1/2W, 10MOhm)
Here they are, just mounted on a piece of flat PVC.  CD for scale... this board is WAY smaller than the 2' long beast shown at left!