As part of a research assignment for Dr. Merle Heidemann at Michigan State University, Jason Hitsman and Rob Mock sent a survey to the science teachers of the Jack Pine Conference.  This is an athletic conference of schools in the central Michigan area containing the following schools:  Beaverton, Clare, Farwell, Harrison, Houghton Lake, Roscommon, and Sanford Meridian.

The survey was sent to every science teacher, including teachers who also taught other subjects for some of their assignments.  Out of about 40 surveys sent, 25 were returned with the following results...

Jack Pine Conference High School Science Teacher Class Internet Use

25 teachers total from these districts:
Houghton Lake
Sanford Meridian

Years teaching high school
1-5 7
6-10 3
11-15 9
16-20 2

21-25 1
26 and up 3

Do you ever use the internet as part of teaching your classes?
yes 22
no 3

Where do your students do their online work?
all at school 6
all at home
mix of school and home 16

Do your students do any work that is completely online?
yes 6

no 16

What percentage of your instruction is delivered over the internet?
0-10 10
10-20 8

20-30 2
30-40 1

What activities do your students do online?
Research 19
reports 2
labs/dissections 5
testing 4
a modern glorified textbook
check grades/homework
comparison of data
download pictures
field trips
homework help
instruction examples
on-line bio activities
power point
pre-class prep of materials
resource for help on topics
Web searches/scavenger hunts
worksheets from websites
interactive assignments

on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), how interested are you in using the internet to help you teach?
2 1
5 2
6 3
7 5
8 4
9 2
10 8

What is the main reason that prevents you from using the internet more in your classroom?

computer access 12
lack of equipment/money to buy equipment 9
lack of experience/knowledge 3
computer crashes 2
time 2
is the information that is found good
personal preference
poor internet connection
reading levels/comprehension

What are some online activities you'd like to try?
virtual field trips 3
assignments done and turned in online
computer assisted physics
computer simulation
don't know
I am able to do most of the things I want, but I'd like there to be more and better resources for the students.
info search
interactive labs
lesson plans
materials for the freshman science
more extensive lab comparisons
students develop online study sessions
students publish works/projects
students use interactive websites for learning
virtual classrooms - collaborate and co-teach
want to lose texts
website utilization

Have you ever avoided using the internet for instruction due to lack of school computers or access to them?
yes 22
no 3

What's the main problem you’ve encountered with online instruction?
access to resources 7

system/internet down 6
finding bogus info… what's good, what's not
I have had times when the internet wasn't working for an online activity I had planned
if cooperative learning (group)  find the time for students to work outside the classroom
mixed viewpoints on labs
not available to all students
self knowledge
students not having access to internet at home and school
waste class time, "I'll do it at home."
site licenses