Ionic bonds occur when electrons do what?

Covalent bonds occur when electrons do what?

What group of elements are the most stable?

Table salt is the product of which sort of bond?  (hint: it's either your #1 or #2 answer)

Why are + and - ions attracted to each other?

What charge of ion do the "halogens" like to form?

What do oxygen and sulfur have in common?

What's the formula of Magnesium bromide?

What happens when two Hydrogen atoms meet?

What does a structural formula show us?

Most ionic compounds have what physical properties?

Atoms that tend to lose electrons have ____ oxidation numbers.

Nearly all atoms that have positive oxidation numbers are _ _ _ _ _ _.

Can a molecule become an ion?

If I am a neutral molecule and gain one extra electron, what charge would I have?

In the formula MG(NO3)2, why are there parentheses?

The one thing atoms and bases have in common is that they both do what?

When you dump an acid or a base into water, they form _ _ _ _.

What does the pH scale measure?

How can you detect acids or bases?

We humans are made of what type of compounds?

What do oil refineries do?

Why do organic compounds have such low boiling points?

Who narrated this movie?