When a star explodes, it sends out a burst of what?

What happens to Earth's atmosphere when one hits?

What's it like here a couple days after the burst?

What's it like here 30 days later?

Nuclear fire causes starts to want to expand. What other force balances it?

Do balck holes sit in one place, or can they move?

Once we detected a black hole coming into the colar system, about how long would we have until it got too close?

How high would ocean waves go as it approached?

How soon will computer intelligence overtake human intelligence?

As computers get more and more intelligent, we humans assign them to do more and more tasks. Why is the military's use of computer intelligence so dangerous?

Mount Saint Helens was impressive. If Yellowstone erupts, how many times stronger could it be?

When the Toba eruption happened, the total number of humans on Earth dropped how much?

What happens inside human lungs when we breathe volcanic ash?

Within a year of a super-eruption, most humans would die from what cause?

99.9% of all species that have ever lived have also done what?

AN asteroid is how many times faster than a handgun bullet?

Astronomers found that on Tuesday 13, 2029, an asteroid will come closer to Earth than what?

Blowing up an asteroid is dumb. Why?

What's a better idea?

As the end draws near, governments will collapse. What sorts of things will change in your life?

After the big hit, what will people on the opposite side of the Earth see happen?

What sorts of creatures might survive?

Mr. Oppenheimer felt badly about his creation. Why?

The U.S. and former Soviet Union have how much nuclear firepower?

What's the most likely cause of nuclear war?

How is the aftermath of a nuclear war similar to what follows an asteroid hit or a big volcanic eruption?

All around us, all of the time, what creatures exist?

About 90 years ago, what did the flu do to humanity?

Have humans ever intentionally used germs for war?

Regular smallpox kills almost 1 in 3 people who catch it. How deadly is human-engineered smallpox?

If an outbreak happens, how far around Earth will the germs travel?

Most of the threats that we face come from our own developments in ____________ & ____________.

Armarillos are moving _____________ and flowers are blooming ______________.

In the last 30 years, what has happened to the # of big hurricanes?

How many people argue that climate change is not real?

Who would want to fool people into thinking climate change is not real?

Some CO2 in the air is a good thing. Why?

Throughout history, how are carbon dioxide and temperature related?

Today, (in one day) humans will put at least ____ million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

We used to think it'd take at least a thousand years for the Earth's ice caps to melt. Now we realize that it could happen how soon?

Instead of just wars over oil, humans will start warring over what substance?

China is putting a new (and very polluting) coal burning power plant into production how often?

Finish this quote at the end of the movie: "We're on this rock, and we're floating, and we've got to ...