More then ________ % of our power comes from burning Fossil Fuels?

Why is Hoover Dam fairly resistant to time?

It might even last for a couple  _ _ _ _ _.

Why do pumps beneath New York pump 13,000,000 gallons of water a day?

Once if dogs get outside, they take up what lifestyle?

For about how long will mice and rats have an easy life?

What size predators come into our neigborhoods first?

How quickly can plants destroy pavement and other human surfaces?

How do plants destroy buildings?

How does the Quaga Mussel destroy the Hoover Dam?

Give 1 reason why fires get out of hand easier now?

How will roads look 5 years after people?

Whick animals are called "the great unknown" factor?

Why did Pripiyat ( in Russia ) get abandoned?

How does water destroy buildings?

When the disaster happpened, all wildlife died. What lives there now?

What does the soccer field look like now?

Without man, Life will continue and life will _ _ _ _ _ _ .

What bird likes to live in skyscrapers?

How well do wolves do after 25 years?

In the U.S. we have 300 million miles of what?

What 2 things play a big role in eating wood?

Salt crystals that get into stones break them open. How?